Insecurity State

presented by THE CORP. ┼ T+U
@ LÄRM techno club (Budapest, Akácfa St. 51, 1st floor)
10 pm - 6 am, entry: free, exit: HUF 1500
⚇ face control ⚉ dress code ╳ no photo

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22.00 nullius in verba (T+U) - dj set ⚔
23.30 dj 108 - SpaceControl – TEяяOя ÉLECTяONIQUE (Opus ’84) - live
00.00 ✔ Mike Nylons (The Corp.) - live
00.45 Modeo (T+U) - live ☄
01.30 .page. (The Corp.) - live ✞
☠ 02.15 Telesport - live 03.00: R2D2 - dj set ☣
04.30 nullius in verba (T+U) - dj set ⚔

Johan Grimonprez (B): dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, 1997 ☏

Mirror Room, Propaganda Office, Turul, Light Cage, God’s Fingers, Video Room, Onan the Barbarian, Go-Go Boys …

In the framework of the project, the groups The Corporation and Technologie und das Unheimliche come together to form a grand coalition and establish their “aesthetic state” under the name INSECURITY STATE, whose official language is contemporary techno music.

Showcasing the different mutations of industrial and freetekno together with the genre of drone, the one-off event focuses on these musical attitudes as an abstract and critical statement of the individual fighting against political repression, while placing this means of channeling societal frustration at the centre.

In the course of the event we will transform the official club location into a thematically installed, dramaturgically structured space brought to life with performative elements. In order to reach the state of emergency of the signs, within this aesthetic zone, the propaganda accoutrements of the repressive systems will be over-exaggerated to the point of the destruction of meaning. During the evening, windows of discussion will be opened between the artists and the party audience, and all the phenomena of the uniform, surveillance and terror will be re-contextualized and re-conceptualized in the framework of an all-encompassing performance.

The event is a program of the OFF‐Biennale Budapest.

The Insecurity State is a para-state space which, taking the principle of “Temporary Autonomous Zone” (Hakim Bey), emerges via techno as intermedial aesthetics. It comprises an artistic (anti-)state and active community that subverts the militant and uniforming practices of the systematic thinking from within, creating an oppression-busting trance condition. This means that the counter-state built into the heart of the oppressive system imitates and, at the same time, dismantles the forms of state violence. That is, it over-cares and over-insures those who enter the space of the state, but on the other hand, it unlocks and increases the operation of the disciplining systems to a state of emergency.
This aesthetic zone is the terrain of the poetic techno-terrorism, where we appropriate the practices of frustration, and we ride the machine-beast of the apocalypse. The tools of (nerve) warfare propaganda (uniform, surveillance, conditioning) are exaggerated to the point of the breakdown of their meaning, so that the state of emergency of the signs can be established.
Our models are the republics of pirates, Gabriele D’Annunzio’s independent state in Fiume, Nestor Ivanovych Makhno’s guerilla-tactics, the Gesamtkunstwerk-state of the Neue Slowenische Kunst, the discos as gas-chambers of Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, and the nomadic spaces of the politically engaged Spiral Tribe and the freetekno movement.
The musical celebration of the state of emergency does not deliver absolution, since in the unlocked heart of the self-dismantling state, there isn’t anything left but vitality without subject: bare life.

[ Terror-practice ]

  • The admission to the state is free of charge. The exit costs 1500 HUF. Everyone who leaves the state will be stamped. Everyone being in the possession of the stamp has the right of ingress and of egress, while wearing constantly the stigma of the state contamination.
  • The security staff wields face control, and reserves the right to reject immigration applications.
    During the entrance, the security staff overcares the applicants, and conducts mind and body search. Since the practice of any kind of visual documentation opposes the principle of the state, the security staff will glue shut all lenses of all equipment suited for visual recording at the entrance. Furthermore, inadequate instinct motivations will be filtered, isolated and destroyed.
  • The violation of this prohibition implies immediate expulsion from the state.
  • The state reserves the right to apply multi-sensorial terror within its (dance)territory.
  • The aesthetic ideology of the state enables to its citizens to gratify their social frustrations through the ecstasy of political techno.
  • The centre of the state propaganda machine is the propaganda office equipped with proper infrastructure. The aesthetic ideology of the state is produced here. The propaganda materials produced by the propaganda office will be supplemented with cult objects, terror-fetishes and video installations.
  • The inadequate scopophilia of the citizens of the state is to be averted, and within the territory of the state a separate video room is developed. In this room, the citizens will be mind-programmed through the constant projection of Johan Grimonpez’s film essay, dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.

[ Uniform-practice ]

  • The official uniform of the residents of the state is the black ski mask, cut out at the eyes and the mouth, with the state logo on it.
    On the territory of the state, the artists and the entire crew of the club as the technocrat caste of the Insecurity State, wear the same uniform.
  • The uniform can be purchased upon arrival at the state propaganda department, and every citizen is allowed to wear it.
  • The uniform integrates the individual into the collective consciousness of the state and frees her/him from the norms operative outside the state.
  • There are no outsiders in the state! The uniform turns its wearer into a performer of a total show, who, in this way, changes from a sheer observer to active citizen.
  • The goal of the uniform is to dissolve the visitor within the vitality without subject, in a paradoxical freedom that means the sovereignty of the aesthetic state.

[ Surveillance-practice ]

  • Within the territory of the state, any type of visual documentation - both for the government and for the citizens - is strictly prohibited.
  • The prohibition of image recording serves the evolution of the bare life through the organisation of the total presence.
  • All the surveillance apparatus found within the territory of the state, as the integral part of the visual propaganda of the state, serves exclusively installational purposes, and these will not record any visual material.
  • A mirror-room is installed on the territory of the state. Due to the structure of the mirror-room, everything that happens there is transformed into a performance in infinite space, and at the same time, it unveils the power techniques of scopic regimes. The installation offers the participants the ability to have a mutual empathy of both the role of the observer and that of the observed.
  • The aesthetic state practices the dialectics of the creation of image and iconoclasm.
  • The aesthetic state is both image and non-image: it is the bare life itself.

Since 2000, artistic organisation The Corporation creates work in the frontier zones of art and party culture. Their appearances are realised in installed spaces, together with thematic projections, performances, actions and exhibitions. Founders: János Borsos, Lilla Lőrinc, Erik Mátrai, .page., Gábor Szenteleki.

The Technologie und das Unheimliche collective aims to circuit the cultural phenomena resulting from the confrontation between the conditio humana and technology by thematic issues. Founders: Márk Fridvalszki, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes

LÄRM is a techno club launched on the spring of 2014. 200 technolovers can fit in its all-black hall where sound is the main attraction. There is no such thing as decibel-limit here, which is unique in downtown Budapest. What LÄRM has to offer is professional acoustics, a Martin Audio Sound System and an Armageddon-esque vibe all over the place. Founders: Gábor Csete Manek, Hargi Csík, Patrik Nádas, Vera Vida.

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Tracklist: i. Societé Réaliste - Universal Anthem, 2014 ii. dj 108 - Underground iii. Morris Me & Malagasy - Niche - Bernhardt Insectivorous iv. The Body & The Haxan Cloak - darkness surround us v. Modeo - Last Transmission From A Broken Dimension (Intro) vi. Hive Mind - Beneath Triangle And Crescent (Side B) vii. Alberich - God And Faith viii. Modeo - Triton ix. Mike Nylons - Mr. Monte-Carlo (Das Leipziger Asterix) x. Phase Fatale - Skycraper xi. Talker - frame capture xii. Psychic TV - Alien Be-In (Silent Servant Remix) xiii. An-i - Save Us xiv. British Murder Boys - Don’t Give Way To Fear xv. Modeo - Purity Of Heart (Outro) xvi. .page. - 13 160_MEGETOOON dublo xvii. Throbbing Gristle - Slug Bait xviii. Telesport - Raw xix. dj 108 - Kampf xx. Société Réaliste - Universal Anthem, 2014





PR (On the territory of the state, the artists and the entire crew wear the same uniform.)


Self Critic (The poor man's Laibach like Berghain)



Main Hall - plan

Go-Go Boys - plan

Projection without projector - plan

Bar - plan

Surveillance Room - plan

Propaganda Office - plan

Turul - plan

Turul - installed + Security Crew


interview the day before

pirate photo

pirate photo

pirate photo

Propaganga Office

Terror Messages

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