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2009- | Painting series | photos by Miklos SULYOK

The social engaged series Mask evokes the leading events of the recent political situation, cultural themes, religious conflicts from the view point of substitutability and impersonality. The artist just cut out some details / motives from the pictures putting on the virtual clippboard where a black hole was created, painted by a vivid black enamel. The pictures were made in different styles and techniques depending on the atmosphere of the evoked situation constructing a sharp contrast between the drawn and the cut-out forms.

Oval Office

2008 | oil, glaze on canvas | 100x150 cm | Strabag Hungary Collection | photo by FLASHBACK Studio

Dark Concern Good Night

2011 | acrylic spray, glaze on canvas | 120x160 cm

Dictator Heaven

2010 | acrylic spray, glaze on canvas | 150x200 cm

Hungarian Governments Triptych / Installation view

2010 | oil and glaze on canvas | 100x150 cm each | "Immovable Land" | Viltin Gallery, Budapest | photo: Tibor Iski KOCSIS

These are the three types of political parties (Hungarian Democtratic Party / MDF, Hungarian Socialist Party / MSZP, Hungarian Civic Union / FIDESZ) that formed governments since the system change in Hungary.

Habemus Papam

2010 | oil, glaze on canvas | 150x200 cm | in private collection

The Crucified / Gracious Loin-Cloth of Dionysius

2010 | oil, acryllic on wooden board | 30x20x5 cm | in private collection

Suspect, Commando Diptych

2010 | oil, glaze on canvas | 30x30 cm each | Suspect – in private collection


2010 | glaze, nail polish on canvas | 50x70 cm


2010 | glaze, nail polish on canvas | 50x40 cm

Unknown Hungarian Politician

2010 | glaze on canvas | 30x25 cm | in private collection

Mask Series / Installation view

2013 | "The Emperor's New Apparel" | Trafo House of Contemporary Art, Budapest | photo: Miklós SURÁNYI

Exhibition view

2010 | "Donumenta" | Leerer Beutel, Regensburg | photo: Miklós SURÁNYI