Exhibition for Our Parents

Solo exhibition | King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
Curators: eld. János BORSOS, Bíborka KATONA, László LŐRINC, Rózsa PAKSI (parents)
Professional consultant: Katalin IZINGER (art historian, leader of the exhibition department, King St. Stephen Museum) | opening photos by Alida Kovács | photos of works by Miklós Sulyok

The artists address a more personal subject in the exhibition at the museum in Székesfehérvár: the parent-child relationship. An especially interesting element of the mini-life-work exhibition presenting the oeuvre of the artists, starting from kindergarten up to the present day, is that it is their parents who are the curators.

"In the course of our work, we often realise that our desire to satisfy our parents has infiltrated our work. We would like to assure them that they did not make the wrong decision when they allowed us, in our childhood, to engage in what we truly loved, by entering an artistic career. Ever since, they are our most significant sponsors – in both a material and a psychological sense. They support us even when they don’t understand what we are dealing with, and why. Despite this, they feel an increasing motivation in understanding our artworks, and we are able to have conversations about them – touching upon both the art and the judgement of artists. By now they do not shrink back from initiating a discourse about our concepts, or even racking their brains over new ideas. At first we didn’t know how to handle this situation, but now we feel that the time has come to give them free rein over an exhibition, allowing them complete insight into the process of creation."

With the inclusion of the parents as curators, the artists would like to create a situation that allows for mutual understanding. Where is the borderline between expectation, constraint to satisfy expectations, and healthy motivating forces? How will the parents – who are laical from an artistic perspective – address the task of arranging an exhibition? On what basis will they make their selections, and where will they place the emphasis? What kinds of emotions are aroused in them, and how do they make the most of the opportunity?

ARTYCOK TV's film report about the exhibition: HERE.



On the Fields


Opening Crew
from left: eld. János BORSOS, eld. László LŐRINC, Bíborka KATONA, Rózsa PAKSI, Lilla LŐRINC, János BORSOS, Katalin IZINGER, Miklós PINKE, Pál GERBER

from left: eld. János BORSOS, eld. László LŐRINC, Bíborka KATONA, Rózsa PAKS

Mr. LŐRINC watching the video

Welcome wall

Kindergarten, Primary School, Tóparti Secondary School, Pinke's Drawing Course


Primary School

Clay figures (L)

Idols (B, L)

Maniacs (B, L)

Childhood (B, L)

Family (B, L)

Father Figure (B)
Made from the clay of our weekend site in Fehérvárcsúrgó.

The drawing course of Miklós PINKE artist



The Parents (B)

The Parents (L)

Portimao (B) / Cemetery (L)

Tóparti Secondary School and Technical College of Fine Arts

Study (L)

Sketch (L)

Bonzó (B)

'56 (B)

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Study (B)


LŐRINC (B) - comment of the parents
“Janó once stood before us and announced that he was going to get married, that he would like to ask for Lilla’s hand. He came up with the idea of bringing this drawing as a gift, and to exchange it for Lilla. He wanted to get a hold of her father with this. At first we thought, that would be correct if his father would go in his place, but finally we rather framed this drawing, dressed up our son nicely, and we set him off with a bunch of flowers to make his proposal.” (Bíborka, János)


BORSOS (L) - comment of the parents
“An extraordinarily good drawing, and you can really recognise him. I don’t know why she outlined it in red, because even without it, it has a lot of contrast. For a time, I thought that maybe she would start drawing portraits as a sideline, perhaps during the final period of high school, so that she could earn a bit of money this way, but she didn’t. She didn’t consider this art.” (Rózsa)

Transylvanian landscape (L)

Transylvanian landscape (L) - comment of the parents
“The final family excursion before Lilla got married was to Transylvania, and afterwards she painted a landscape for us. We were very pleased, and this frame is also perfect for it. It has to be greatly appreciated because there aren’t many of them. Lilla didn’t paint landscapes at all.” (Rózsa)

Tihany landscape (B)

Tihany landscape (B) - comment of the parents
“During his years in the academy, we pestered Janó a lot about why he wasn’t making any more landscapes. Once he was in Tihany in the summer art colony, and we went to pick him up. We looked around the atelier, there were his things there: all kinds of strange, colourful pictures, and then we saw this painting left in the corner, but we pretended that we didn’t even notice it. We didn’t want to start badgering him again, to bring up the subject, that we liked this picture. Finally, he had a big surprise for us: he had actually painted this – and it was for us.” (János)

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts 2.

Kind Fatal Attack (B)
“When he painted these pictures, somehow I could not understand this series: the whole thing seemed so childish. Perhaps it was, too, but so much of the child – thank God – remained in Janó. Sometimes you have to fool around. The way he looks with those eyes... The more I see this picture, the more I like it.” (Bíborka)

Lego series / detail (B)

Turner section

Math series / Revelations (L)

Math series / Mrozek: My unknown fiend (L)

God for 2500 Ft

Somalia Calls (B)

Connections Tryptich (L)

Diploma Work / Wounded series (detail) (L)

Enterieur backwards

Enterieur towards

BORSOS works

John to John (B)

Shako (B)

LŐRINC works

Self-portrait (L)

Self-portrait (L) - comment of the parents
“This expresses to me that generally people go about in masks, and there are those who have nothing behind the mask – just a great blackness. So many people live their lives behind a mask. I don’t believe that I live behind a mask, but I have met so many people who don’t even take theirs off when they are alone.
I didn’t even know that this was a self- portrait. The wasps are beautiful.” (Rózsa)

Rigoletto (L)

Enterieur backwards

The colour of the wall was selected by the Curators.

Coat of Arms

Hungary I. sketch | VIKOMAKT!

Not for Bargain!
2012 | Tinsel on engaved wooden board, 20x30x5 cm

Selling for one ounce of gold on the current rate.

FOR SALE for one ounce of gold on the current rate!
2012 | Tinsel on engaved wooden board, 20x30x5 cm

Exhibition in exhibition

Immovable Land / video documentation
2010 | installation | chamotte model of the Hungarian Parliament in 1:300, vibrating table, motion detector | 50x100x130 cm

"I shake not only the earth, but also the heaven;' and this -- `Yet once' -- doth make evident the removal of the things shaken, as of things having been made, that the things not shaken may remain;" Hebrews 12:26-27

Rocket Highness 1-2
2012 | oil and acryllic on wooden board | 30x20x5 cm

Hungarian white Cock and Hen
2010 | oil, glaze on wooden board | 20x30x5 cm each | in private collection

Integration II.

Out of Order (Ikarus, BKV, Malév) | Mr. Lőrinc selling an Icarus bus in North Korea
2012 | glaze, oil and acryllic on wooden board | 20x30x5 cm

And the greatest freedom is... | Strabag Award, First Prize
2010 | oil, enamel, acrylic, canvas on wooden board | 20x30x5 cm | in private collection

The picture is one of the Strabag Award winning Mask Series paintings made by Lilla LŐRINC in 2008.

Suspect, Commando Diptych
2010 | oil, glaze on canvas | 30x30 cm each | Suspect – in private collection

Dictator Heaven
2010 | acrylic spray, glaze on canvas | 150x200 cm

Painting of Habemus Papam
2010 | oil, glaze on canvas | 150x200 cm | in private collection

Oval Office
2008 | oil, glaze on canvas | 100x150 cm | Strabag Hungary Collection

Hungary III. series | Paintings with Politics
2009 | mixed technique, canvas, wooden board | 7 pieces | 20x30x5 cm each | Esterházy Private Foundation’s Collection

Exhibition opening of the Esterhazy Prize winners in Hungarian Institute of Vienna in 2010.

Conceptual works

Social Consultation

200 HUF (sold for 80 pieces of 200 HUF)
2009 | oil on canvas, wooden board | same size as a 200 HUF

I put the painting into an auction in the same prize. The photo of the exchange is made by auction winner: Milán KOVÁCS.

Housing Project
2010 | application | Marble board with the name of the Artist | 40x40x2 cm / Paper model of the building with the signed place of the board, made by Gábor BENKE | 40x40x30 cm

Model of the desired flat
2010 | Model of the wished flat | paper | 40x40x30 cm

The Signed place of the Board

My Student Loan Debt in HUF / summary
2008-2012 | project

End part of the exhibition


Esterhazy Prize

Award plaquettes

Documentary film of the project
2011-2012 | HD | 50 min.

The BORSOS Files
Made by eld. János BORSOS for the exhibition.

The LŐRINC Files
Made by eld. János BORSOS for the exhibition.

Made by eld. János BORSOS for the exhibition.