Night Service

Online project made for Rhizome Parking Garage / The Wrong Biennale by Szilvia Bolla + Lőrinc Borsos

† o experience its trauma of social subordination & suppression in a form of sexual rituals, it makes mischief in the underground garages of Eastern Europe & hits its four-wheeler victims under the cover of darkness.

¡t feels both an insatiable desire of possession & exterminatory frustration about its subject of passion. Its yearning & (self)hatred for Lamborghinis, Porsches & Rolls-Royces could be projected onto any left alone car. It fights the reproduction of representative samples of dictatorship/suppression with anarchist methods.

Ît approaches its prey solely in ornate armor. After the foreplay that focuses on surface shapes, it expresses domination over the helpless vehicle with mating-imitating motion through the rear slots. Doing all this with the help of a symbolical dildo which erects from its mouth.(“The psychology - head over heels ”*). Collects experiences as trophies & never returns to its victims.

*Eccentric Manifesto, made by FEKS, State Publishing House, “Eccentrism”, Eccentropolis, i.e. Petrograd, 1922

concept, costume: Szilvia Bolla, Lőrinc Borsos
model: Peter T, Reginald Szundi
photo: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss
video: Szilvia Bolla, Lőrinc Borsos
audio: Mike Nylons
html: Elod Janky
translation: Endre Cserna