Pathetic Attempt

project | variable sizes and components

Reflections on the cultural policy situation in Hungary, manifested around the institute Műcsarnok, Budapest, a leading venue for contemporary art. The government gave the institute to the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA), which is an ultra conservative artists’ association funded by the Hungarian right-wing government of Viktor Orbán (read more).

Independent art professionals started to curate a project called Outer Space ( which is a weekly demonstrative exhibit series in front of Műcsarnok by invited artists.
After BORSOS LŐRINC got an invitation by the Outer Space collective, and at the same time an invitation for an official exhibition taking place in the Műcsarnok for Derkovits Scholarship winners, (s)he decided to make a project about this schizophrenic situation.

As the main part of the project, the artist wrote the 'A Manifesto on Goodness and Shit 1.0' (download in pdf), what (s)he published in several exhibitions and delivered it directly to cultural politics (Delivery). In the in the middle of the installation there is a documentation of a site specific action which was reflected on the Műcsarnok's state as a political issue (Outer and Inner Space). During the project the artist made self reflections on it (The Remarkable Rocket - video / object) and made them take part in the installation as well.

Video: The Remarkable Rocket | 2013 | Concept, act, edit: Borsos Lőrinc | Camera: Liftman Productions | Background: Sunset Royalty Free Stock Photo |

Intstallation view / detail
2013 | Manifesto on Goodness and Shit 1.0, photo documentation of project "Inner and Outer Space", ready made object of "The Remarkable Rocket" ready, HD video of "The Remarkable Rocket" | variable sizes | "Autumn Saloon", Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros | photo by Gábor Nagy

Installation view
2013 | "Out of the Museum and into the Streets" | Pavelhaus, Laafeld, Austria | photo by Gabriella Csoszó