meditation objects | engraved beech, beewax | 95x40x30 cm
Change of Court / Unreal Ground / Offside / High Ball / Kickoff
photos by Erdey Gábor (Artdetektor)

The work focuses on the commonplace topic of football as a metaphor of social dialogue. Through this aspect, such phenomena can be analysed that otherwise would be impossible among humans due to social, political or religious disagreement. These situations are demonstrated through specially transformed pitch-models where the games become absurd in various ways. To these confusing pitches are invited symbolically the actors of our society’s conflict, according to the nature of the dispute to be able to dislocate themselves from the insistence to their own aspects. The new aspect of the debate may give motivation to understand the other side and offers room for interpretation.

Change of Court
94,5x40x30 cm

Unreal Ground
106x40x30 cm

97x40x30 cm

High Ball

114x40x30 cm

Change of Court (Special Edition)
2014 | engraved Taxus baccata | 105x40x30 cm | unique piece | in private collection