Ark for the Wild Children

Earth / Water / Fire
co-curated by Arsenios Zachariadis, Veronika Molnár
venue: BLCN - Urban balconies across Los Angeles, Budapest and Hong Kong

polistirol, plexi, PVC, LED, electronics, flashlight, speaker, audio, fountain system, water
audio track: Mike Nylons + The Randomroutines, 10’36” (2016)
special thanks to Péter Márton
photo: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss, Arsenios Zachariadis
60 x 40 x 20 cm

The curator, as "wild child", invites the "wild child" within the artist to party on a miniature, imaginary boat on top of a skyscraper. The invitation reads: Here is the ark of the "angels of chaos", which gathers the "savage runaways" of the world, the "artists, anarchists, perverts, heretics", to unite them in a great "destructive epiphany" of water, fire and techno, with the rays of "sensuality, transgression and vision". So sharpen your weapons, "trained in a delirious & obsessive game", and cut the world that separates us! It is a fight against ”the groan-ups of those Lower Planes”, a fight against influence, a spell fuelled by “the spectral brilliance of the wolves & their children”. “Cherishing & unleashing are the same act”: “we & they, the wild ones, are images of each other.”

Lőrinc Borsos / quotes: HAKIM BEY - MY AUTONOMOUS TERRITORIES Chaos: Prints of Ontological Anarchism