Moses Techno 2.0

site specific installation
diy trigger, fake stone, enamel paint, fountain system, triggered by moving detector, controlling LED lights in the other space | variable size
exhibited at Techno Worlds / aqb mines, Budapest
Curated by Mathilde Weh, Justin Hoffmann and Creamcake
photos: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

Moses - as a middleman, lawyer, mediator & power figure who guided his people towards the unknown -  had been forced into the situation many times through the Exodus in which he had to bring the unknown into something that can be experienced, so his own certainty could become the way of salvation for his people. On two occasions he had to strike the rock to produce water in order to maintain the physical & mental survival in the extreme conditions of the desert & the long journey. He had to struck on two occasions, with a staff that can optionally transform into snake, part the Red Sea, and determine wars, to spring water from the rock. But the second time something broke in the leader at the place called Massah & Meribah and dared to strike the rock twice. We know that both of the stories of producing water proved to be successful with regards to the sufficient access to H2O. However, after the second strike neither him or the 99 percent of his people could not enter the promised land. He himself died shortly thereafter. After all, two strikes are a loop and a loop is already techno.

If we asked the artist’s opinion regarding the doubling down: “He could have struck even more! He could have performed a live act for 30-45 minutes, or he could have even played with the dedication of the Viennese Actionists until he died! I imagine Moses as he approaches the stone by the skin of his teeth & awaits because he has a good sense for making an impression. When the tension is so high that even the falling of a drop of sweat could start a war at that point - after the opening act of 40 years of wandering in the desert, without taking the consequences into account as a punk - he finally implodes the rhythm at 180 bpms like some sort of a toga-wearing techno-veteran (also being aware of the ironic side of his presence). Slow-motion: it starts to rain heavily in the background, the camera spins around, headbangers everywhere. The hair-dos & beards felted through the wanderings are floating in the air. Everyone’s eyes are in tears, the out-of-focus background flickers in solemn red & blue colours. Maybe because of the ecstatic mood of the event, it resembles a vision of police cars that had just arrived from a wormhole. Or maybe there is a switch in the brain that is activated by these kind of situations, to let us know that we are in the right place at the right time. So, I totally understand that Moses had to die, because after a party like this one no one would have continued to pursue the promised land.”

Lőrinc Borsos